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Embark on a transformative journey with Cash-Easily, where registration comes at no cost to you. We believe in transparency and ensuring your experience remains accessible and affordable. Say goodbye to hidden fees and embrace a platform that puts your financial success within reach. Join us today and discover the possibilities—completely free of charge!

§ 1 Embrace Rewarding Opportunities

Welcome to Cash-Easily, the platform powered by AK ZONE LTD, offering a gateway to exciting campaigns like competitions and newsletters. Discover endless possibilities for reimbursement at our web address Get ready to dive into subscriptions and registrations that open doors to fantastic rewards!

§ 2 Unlock Your Registration Journey

2.1. To access the abundant benefits of Cash-Easily, users must register and create an account. Please note that participation is not guaranteed, as Cash-Easily reserves the right to reject applications without providing reasons.

2.2. Cash-Easily is exclusively available to individuals of legal age, possessing full legal capacity, and residing in European Countries. Minors, legally incompetent individuals, legal entities, and non-natural persons are prohibited from registration. Furthermore, only one user account per household is permitted.

2.3. By registering at Cash-Easily, users affirm their acceptance and acknowledgement of our general terms and conditions as binding legal agreements.

§ 3 Effortless Registration Process

3.1. Registering at Cash-Easily is completely free of charge and does not entail any financial obligations.

3.2. During the registration process, users will be prompted to provide their personal data. We kindly request that all information be provided accurately and truthfully.

3.3. Users are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their personal data. In case of any changes, it is the user's obligation to promptly update the information in their profile.

§ 4 Embrace Rewarding Campaigns

4.1. Unlock Earnings: At Cash-Easily, users have the opportunity to earn money by participating in engaging "campaigns." Actions include registering for competitions or subscribing to newsletters, and users receive dynamic compensation for their participation. The specified remuneration for each campaign represents the maximum reward.

4.1.1. Seamless Tracking: While we strive to ensure accurate participation tracking, Cash-Easily cannot guarantee its recognition. Tracking occurs from the program provider to our system, potentially involving intermediary providers.

4.1.2. Flexible Compensation Calculation: The actual credit amount for each participation is calculated based on the payment received from the program provider. Consequently, there may be cases where the actual credit differs from the initially displayed estimate.

4.1.3. Upholding Integrity: Users are prohibited from generating "false registrations" or providing misleading information. Cash-Easily defines false information as deliberately inaccurate user-provided details, unauthorized use of others' personal data, utilization of disposable or one-time email addresses (also known as trash emails), and multiple registrations for the same campaign using identical data.

In the event of incorrect registrations, Cash-Easily reserves the right to exclude the user in question from all Cash-Easily services.

4.1.4. Compensation for Actions Confirmation and Verification: Participation in campaigns is typically confirmed immediately by the respective partners. However, there may be instances where a certain waiting period is necessary for confirmation. Actions that are immediately confirmed are labeled as "immediately," while those requiring verification are labeled as "after verification." Rejection of Participation: Participations may be rejected by the partner, particularly in cases of incorrect registrations. Rejected participations will not be eligible for reimbursement. Timeframe for Verification: Cash-Easily has no influence over the duration of campaign verification, as it is solely determined by the program provider. Rest assured, we strive to ensure the swiftest possible settlement of participations.

§5 Easy Payouts for You

5.1. Enjoy hassle-free payouts straight to your bank account or PayPal accounts (with a small fee as per the PayPal price list). No worries, this fee won't be deducted from your credit balance by Cash-Easily.

5.2. Before making a payment, Cash-Easily ensures compliance with Section 4 Paragraph 1.4. We reserve the right to reject payments in case of any violations.

5.3. Lightning-Fast Payouts

5.3.1. Your requested payments will be processed within a maximum of 14 business days after the payment request, given that the check mentioned in paragraph §4 is successful and no unusual circumstances arise.

§6 Liability

6.1. Cash-Easily shall not be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of participating in campaigns.

§7 Data Protection

7.1. The user's private data is securely stored. This data will be retained until Cash-Easily discontinues its services, the user chooses to close their account, or the user account is blocked by Cash-Easily.

§8 Severability Clause

8.1. In the event that any provision of these conditions is deemed ineffective, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. If any provision of these conditions is only partially ineffective, the unaffected part shall remain in force. The parties are obligated to replace any ineffective clause with a valid alternative provision that closely aligns with the intended purpose of the ineffective condition.

§9 Status of the General Terms and Conditions

Effective as of July 1st, 2023.

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