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Welcome to! Discover how we value your privacy and safeguard your information. Explore our enticing privacy policy, detailing how we collect and utilize data from our esteemed users, subscribers, and customers. Join us for a secure and rewarding online experience!

Experience peace of mind on Cash-Easily, your GDPR-compliant destination that prioritizes the protection of your personal information. Rest assured knowing that we adhere to the rigorous standards set by Regulation (EU) 2016/679. Join us today and enjoy a secure and privacy-conscious online environment!

Your personal data and rights are our top priority at Cash-Easily. Trust in our commitment to providing a safe and reliable online platform. Take a moment to review this letter, ensuring your peace of mind before sharing your valuable information with us. Join our trusted community today!

Unlock your potential at! Join our vibrant community effortlessly. We prioritize privacy and will never collect information about your family members or dependents without their consent. Start your exciting journey with us today!

Your privacy matters! At Cash-Easily, we respect and protect your personal data, ensuring it's solely used for the intended purpose outlined in our policy. Rest assured, we'll only utilize your information when it's absolutely essential to enhance and expand our services. Join us with confidence and experience privacy at its finest!

Meet the Guardian of Your Information: Responsible Party Details

Responsible Person: SyedAli Raza

Web Name: Cash-Easily


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Our Commitment to Privacy

Embracing the New Era of European Data Protection:

Empowering Your Privacy Choices: Lawfulness, Loyalty, and Transparency—Your Personal Data, Your Informed Consent

Streamlined for Your Security: Data Minimization at Its Finest—Collecting Only What's Essential

Ensuring Data's Lifespan: Limitation of Storage Period—Safeguarding Your Information with Care

Principle of integrity and confidentiality: We guarantee the security and confidentiality of data provided that all necessary precautions are taken to prevent access or misuse and that they are unauthorized.

Empowering You with Control Over Your Information

Transparency at Your Fingertips: Unveiling Data Handling at Cash-Easily

Unveiling Your Data Universe: Exercise Your Right to Access Personal Data

Empowering Accuracy and Control: Rectification or Erasure—Claim Your Rights

Your Data, Your Boundaries: Embrace the Right to Limit Data Processing

Amplify Your Preferences: Oppose Data Processing—Empower Your Choices

Shaping Your Data Destiny: Explore the Right to Change Data Controllers

Unveiling the Purpose Behind Your Personal Data

Embracing the Collection of Personal Data:

IP addresses, Full name, E-Mail-Address, birth date, Gender, Username to log in, Password to log in, Email addresses of your payment processors

Seamless Interactions Await: Unleashing the Power of Personal Data for Registration, Comments, Subscriptions, and Contact

Exciting Surprises Await: Unveiling the Need for Postal Address in Sweepstakes and Promotions

Seize the Power of Consent: Your Trust Unleashes the Potential of Cash-Easily's Data Practices

Beyond Boundaries: Unveiling the Versatile Uses of Your Personal Data

Fueling Seamless Services: Empowering You with the Full Potential of our Offerings

Upholding Integrity and Compliance: Safeguarding Your Experience within Terms of Use and Legal Requirements

Delving into Data Trails: Unveiling the Insights Gathered through Non-Personal Information and Cookies

Social Connect: Nurturing Online Networks through Efficient Data Management

The personal data provided will be stored until the interested party requests deletion.

Services Offered by Trusted Third Parties

Fortified Hosting: Partnering with Hostinger, based in Europe, ensuring data protection conditions. Learn more at We prioritize SSL protocols for secure transactions, safeguarding customer data through robust encryption.

Cutting-Edge Web Platform: Our website is built on a custom script, continuously updated to uphold the highest security standards, protecting your online experience.

Insightful Analytics: Leveraging Google Analytics, offered by Google, Inc., headquartered at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. By utilizing cookies, we analyze user behavior on the website, with data securely transmitted and stored on Google servers in the USA.

Social Network Integration: Enhancing Engagement and Privacy: Interact seamlessly with social networks and external platforms from our website. Your privacy settings on each social network dictate the interactions and information received. While these services collect web traffic data related to the installed pages, user engagement is always respected.

Join us in a secure digital realm powered by trusted providers and advanced privacy measures!

Empowering Data Protection: SyedAli Raza, the Guardian of Your Information at Cash-Easily

Rest assured, your personal data is our priority. Cash-Easily, under the guidance of SyedAli Raza, strictly adheres to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679. We commit to never sell, rent, or share your identifiable information with third parties without your prior consent, ensuring your privacy remains intact. While collaboration with trusted professionals may occur, your consent and utmost security standards are always upheld.

While we strive to safeguard your data, it's important to note that the internet network itself may have vulnerabilities. Cash-Easily cannot guarantee absolute immunity to fraudulent access by third parties.

Maintaining a transparent approach, in the event of a Security Incident, prompt notification and necessary information sharing will be ensured, respecting the confidentiality obligations.

Join us in a secure data realm, placing your trust in the capable hands of SyedAli Raza and the robust privacy practices of Cash-Easily!

Your Privacy, Our Guiding Principle

Empowering Your Data Destiny: Consent as the Pillar of Data Protection

Our Anti-Spam Commitment

At Cash-Easily, we prioritize your inbox integrity. Rest assured, we never engage in SPAM practices, ensuring that commercial emails are only sent when specifically requested or authorized by you. We uphold transparent communication by clearly identifying all commercial communications. Additionally, we provide you with the opportunity to express your consent to receive our newsletter, separate from any immediate commercial information requested. Join us and experience a clutter-free inbox tailored to your preferences!

Ignite the Power of Acceptance and Consent

By acknowledging these terms, you empower Cash-Easily Raza to handle your personal data as outlined in this privacy policy. Stay informed, stay in control. Join us in creating a secure digital space where your privacy is safeguarded, and your consent paves the way for a personalized experience. Let's embark on this data protection journey together!

Withdrawal of Consent

Your consent holds the key, and you retain the right to revoke it at any time. Whether for data processing or transmission, simply communicate your decision to Cash-Easily following the conditions outlined in this policy. Remember, revocation is not retroactive, but it empowers you to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition. Take charge of your data destiny today!

Seamless Control at Your Fingertips: Revoking Consent Made Simple

Adapting to Evolving Needs

At Cash-Easily, we prioritize your privacy. As the data controller, SyedAli Raza reserves the right to revise and modify this privacy policy, aligning it with legislative changes, legal requirements, and industry best practices. Stay informed about our commitment to data protection by checking the revised document, last updated on 01/07/2023. Together, we navigate the ever-changing landscape of privacy with utmost care!

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